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Tammy's Story 

"I can’t stress enough how unselfish it is to take that mommy time."

Tammy’s weight gain and loss journey began with her pregnancies. She had two high risk pregnancies and was put on restrictions for each, resulting in her not being able to be as active as she would have liked. During her second pregnancy her oldest son was diagnosed with autism. She found herself stress eating and eating throughout the night while her kids were awake. Tammy’s youngest son was also diagnosed with autism leaving Tammy with an extreme sleep schedule and having very little time for herself. 

She was in need of a change and saw her sister joining and loving a new gym/community (Check out Lisa’s story here!), Tammy felt inspired and joined Fitegrity in December of 2019. 

Tammy says, “What I discovered first off was the amazing Sara Lennon. I never met someone in my life more positive, uplifting, spiritual, energetic, and so beautiful inside and out!!! Second was this group of women I felt completely comfortable working out with.” 

She wants women but especially moms to take that time for themselves. “You deserve it and doing something for yourself benefits your children in so many ways! To have a healthy, happy, body and mind for only taking 45 minutes a day is so worth it !  You can do it! Working out is something only you can take credit for. The best thing you can do for yourself and children is taking care of your body and mind!”


Tammy's Story: Testimonials
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