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Fitegrity Athletics offers a weekly opportunity to create change with high energy fitness styles. Whether you want to build your strength and endurance up or sweat it out to some heart pumping cardio, we’ve got a class with a spot just for you. Find what brings out that inner confidence by trying them all at your convenience!

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a full body workout that is completed together but at your own pace! The class consists of multiple stations with a variety of exercises that are performed 2-4 times for approximately 30-45 seconds each! You have the opportunity to do as little or as much as possible within each round and each station with plenty of modifications as well as advancements so that we never feel as if we fall behind!

Cardio Toning

Cardio Toning is a fun and energetic way to workout to music so almost forget your working out!! This 45 minute class follows along to the best of music either with or without weights! Some songs are a little dance-like, some songs are all arm strength, some for abs, and some with a band or step for legs! The goal is to have fun and stay moving while getting your full body worked!!!


Bootycamp is designed to work your lower half!! Different stations with different exercises for your legs, gluteus, and core will leave you walking away (maybe ) feeling empowered by that natural lower body strength women are born with!

Online Coaching

We offer online exclusive coaching. Join in for our most popular classes in the comfort of your own home.

Cadio Kick Boxing

 Have fun as this class is broken down step by step and adds up as you go further into the song! You’ll definitely get the practice during this class while staying moving to both hit the moves and burn those calories!

Cardio Drumming

Cardio drum is really a class you’ll be surprised to feel sore from! We set up a bucket with a stability ball on top and hit it or our sticks together in various ways to follow along to music!! Get your cardio in and maybe let out a little aggression with drumming Monday nights and Saturday mornings!


Body weight and cardio allll class long! Build up your endurance with longer times for each station that involve some jogging, by cycling, etc as well as pure body weight movements for strength!! This class will give you just enough push yet allow you to still take each station on as you’d like!!!

Hip Hop

Time to shake it!!!! Hip hop is definitely on a dance side of workouts but do not knock it til you try it!! It’s not about looking perfect or the same as someone else, it is all about having fun and just expressing yourself through moving! Get your heart rate up AND some confidence!!! We all need those nights to just loosen up sometimes and this is it!


Yoga is sure to become your next obsession. You’ll love the way you feel! Yoga is based around the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. By combining fun and enjoyment with physical activity,Yoga boosts your emotional and physiological fitness.


30 Minute Tabata classes are a high intensity training class with a mixture of weights and dance moves incorporated to really get your heart rate going!

Pop Up Classes

"Pop Up" classes are just that, spur of the moment, 30 minute classes. They range from Dance party to yoga and are announced on our social media. 

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