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Frequently Asked Questions


It's my first class, what do I do?

Your first class is free! No need to book/ schedule anything. Just bring yourself!

Do I need to bring anything with me?

No, we have all the equipment here for you to use!

I'm new to my fitness journey, will this be a good fit?

Yes! Our focus is to make sure everyone feel safe and comfortable. Everything we do has options for variations for a more intense work out.

What is the "Mindbody App" and how do I book my classes?

The Mindbody App is our scheduling platform, this has our class schedule and payment options. Check out our "Prices and Plans" page for more information.

I haven’t hit the gym in years. How can I get back into a routine?

Enter the answer to your question here. Be thoughtful with your answer, write clearly, and consider adding examples. This can help your visitors get the help they need quickly and easily.

What if I need to cancel?

Free cancelations at any time, no questions asked!

Do you offer online classes?

Yes, we have an online class option. This gives you the freedom to work out at your own pace, in your own space at the convenience of your schedule.

Where can I find an updated class schedule?

We update our classes on our social media. Check us out of Facebook and Instagram!

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