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Lisa's Story 

" I feel like I've struggled with my weight my whole life."

Lisa, like many moms and women, has struggled managing her weight for most of her life but after a year of medical scares with her husband and children she was finally at her breaking point. Lisa said “ My emotional eating was out of control.  I was so scared, confused and stressed out.  Food has always been the friend that can get me through anything and boy did I lean on it that year. The weight started creeping back on and eventually I reached my heaviest ever. I was always good at losing weight once I decided I was ready to commit. It was different this time. The weight wasn’t coming off and I was getting frustrated & feeling helpless.” 

Eventually she made the decision to get back into the gym and came across one of Fitegrity’s Challenges, She signed up and committed to the 4 week challenge, the rest is history! 

Lisa says Sara is her biggest motivation because she has an energy that lights up the room and you can feel her spirit and her passion. Lisa’s favorite class is Cardio Drumming and circuit training because she feels like she can modify anything for her pace, as she spent more time at the gym she started to find herself getting lost in the music and really enjoying herself. Lisa has lost 55 lbs so far but has more importantly created memories and wonderful friendships. Lisa loves participating in the challenges but her guilty pleasure is splurging at the movies with popcorn and chocolate.


Lisa's Story: Testimonials
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