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Sydney's Story

"For so many years, I put my health on the back burner because I was busy."

Sydney joined Fitegrity in January of 2020. She was looking for a lifestyle change and needed something different than the big gyms or the co-ed cross fit gym she had been going to. Sydney immediately felt comfort with the Fitegrity family, she never felt judged and was welcomed with open arms. She loves that she can try new things, lift heavier and wear what she wants because Fitgrity is a close knit community environment.  

Sydney says, “ The hardest part of my fitness journey has been Trying to balance taking care of myself with my personal life. For so many years, I put my health on the back burner because I was busy with school, friends, and trying to enjoy life. Now that I’ve made health a priority, I find myself enjoying life even more, but it’s easy to fall back into bad habits.”

She credits her “never give up” mindset to her success in the gym and once her mind was made up was able to lose 100 pounds over the last year! Sydney’s favorite class is the circuit training class, she loves the mix of weights and cardio. Sydney's guilty pleasure is true crime podcasts, online shopping and chocolate! 

You will see Sydney around the gym a lot because she is one of Fitegrity’s instructors! Make sure you say “Hi”, she is always ready to try new things and create the most dynamic and engaging classes she can!

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Sydney's Story: Testimonials
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