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Missy's Story 

“Truthfully it really has been a journey to love myself and my body especially after having my kids.”

Missy, mom of 3, has dedicated her mornings to getting fit for the last year and a half. Missy and her sister joined the gym together in the summer of 2019 as a way to bond, strengthen their relationship and “maybe get back into shape”. Missy had been feeling overwhelmed in the bigger gym setting and was looking for something smaller and family focused. Little did she know it would turn into a journey of self empowerment and discovery. As a stay at home mom and part time waitress, Missy found herself searching for something more fulfilling in her life, she has 3 amazing kids and a wonderful husband but needed something just for her. Fitegrity became that outlet and so much more. Joining Fitgrity gave her a space to embrace herself, learn to love her body and form bonds with other amazing moms and women in the community. Missy’s favorite class is the Endurance class because she feels she can really push herself to the limits. Her guilty pleasure is indulging in summertime Dairy Queen and wine night during her weekly Grey’s Anatomy “girls night in”. 

Missy said, “Overall I am the most proud of my kids of course but I am also proud of the obstacles my husband and I have been through and still overcome together! In the gym, I am most proud of my ability to get up every morning at 5am and head to the studio. There are so many days where I would rather stay in bed but I don’t!” 

If you see Missy at the gym make sure to say “hi”, she’s always ready to answer any questions or help out a new gym member!

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Missy's Story: Testimonials
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